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Immigration Policies

Immigration Policies

WSM attorneys have extensive and recognized expertise in advising companies in the intricacies of the U.S. immigration system. 

We know that the best employers provide predictability and fairness to their foreign national employee population via transparent, accessible immigration policies or guidelines.   

In addition, policies and guidelines help the person responsible for immigration to take all required actions in a timely manner. 

An effective immigration policy or guideline will include:

  • Costs covered or not covered by the employer, including government fees, attorney fees, costs relating to family members and other expenses such as travel;
  • Length of service required before beginning the permanent residence process;
  • Reimbursement expectations, in the case of early departures;
  • Travel costs associated with obtaining a visa stamp;
  • Internal system for I-9 completion, maintenance and purging;
  • Maintenance of Labor Condition Application files; and
  • Withdrawal of H-1B petitions and LCA and Notification to USCIS upon approval of permanent residence status or termination of employment.

WSM has assisted Fortune 500 and start up companies, as well as research institutions and other employers in drafting and implementing immigration policies.  Allow us simplify your life too.


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